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Email Marketing — GallantMail is a complete e-mail marketing solution with powerful response reporting. We practice only permission-based, opt-in e-mail marketing and enforce it with our clients and partners. Since current spam filtering software erroneously blocks many legitimate e-mails as well, we've taken several steps to ensure our clients achieve the highest possible delivery rates.

What if you could…

  • Have us develop sophisticated e-mails that will help you generate more revenue and brand awareness?
  • Dynamically generate and deliver personalized e-mails based on your customers' preferences?
  • Leverage your email technology and existing customers to quickly add more subscribers to your opt-in lists?
  • Analyze the results of your email campaigns in real-time, as opposed to waiting for someone to run a report for you?
  • Create and embed custom surveys in your emails to capture additional customer preferences?
  • Invest in an email solution that grows as your needs grow?

GallantMail has designed an e-mail solution that maintains just the right balance of ease-of-use and sophistication to help organizations of any size create, deliver and track personalized emails to targeted segments. The GallantMail solution is built to scale in features and functionality as the needs of your organization grows.

With the GallantMail Solution, sending communications that maintain brand integrity are personalized at the local level and legally compliant can become a reality for the enterprise.

  • Dynamically personalize email content based not only on customer demographics, but also online and off-line behavior?
  • Seamlessly integrate your email solution with your other best-of-breed enterprise applications?
  • Test, analyze, and adjust multiple variables of your email, including content, subject lines, offers, and customer segments?
  • Track customer's behavior after they click on an email link?
  • Automatically filter through email replies to quickly separate legitimate information requests and critical unsubscribe requests from automated replies?
  • As a direct marketer, it's probably safe to say that your greatest energies are spent on enhancing a consumer's experience with your brand, whether that brand is represented by product, sales channels, advertising or personal communications. To build loyalty and mitigate the chances of brand switching, you must make every communication both personal and relevant.
  • Maintain brand integrity in every email, from messages sent by the corporate marketing department, to emails sent by field representatives.
  • Share access to accurate customer data across the enterprise without relinquishing control?
  • Remain fully compliant with all email legislation and say the word "SPAM" without cringing?
  • Enable your sales force to manage the communication process while you manage messaging and branding?
  • Seamlessly integrate your email system with your other best-of-breed enterprise applications?

We’re 100% committed to delivering the industry's leading email software. Our solution is focused entirely on email personalization, customization, and deliverability. There is no doubt that the GallantMail application is powerful. However, in order to achieve maximum benefit, it must be integrated with other best-of-breed enterprise applications. The integration of your valuable customer data with GallantMail will take your email campaigns to a whole new level of sophistication and success.

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A complete eMail marketing solution with powerful response reporting.

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